Copy of Spending Time Wisely FINAL FINAL DRAFT.pdf

Screenwriting has been a passion ever since I was given the opportunity to explore my ideas at London Screen Academy. My first script was called 'Spending Time Wisely'.

'Wisely' is a dystopian alien adventure comedy about aliens & humans cohabiting here on earth. Inspired by such works as District 9, Attack the Block and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the script is 45 pages long and I am very proud of it. A few months after writing it I discovered that Development at Working Title had read it and saw potential, leading to a meeting. This gave me the inspiration to keep writing.

My next script was 'Kiss Your Bears'. The initial draft tells the story of a crazed young man who befriends a grizzly bear in Alaska, slowly teaching it to talk, have conversations and become conscious of the fact that he is a bear. I plotted 125 pages as I was aiming for a feature length script. At page 55 I discovered that I had written an exciting, original short - perfect for my FMP at London Screen Academy.